3.. 2.. 1.. Launch

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Congratulations on your new site! What to expect now that we have launched 

1. WP Training Session 

        • Schedule a time here – https://calendly.com/abigail-dean/meeting
        • This training session offers you the change to see the backend of your website and learn how to make simple updates and changes if you need to do them yourself. 
        • You’ll get the most out of this if you are going to be blogging, investing in SEO, or using a scheduling platform that is integrated with you site

2. Maintenance plan

      • Your monthly subscription will start charging upon launch 
      • Click here to view maintenance plan details 
      • Includes hosting 
      • Your site will stay up to date (plugins/themes)
      • You have some of my time for content updates and troubleshooting based on which plan you are subscribed to.

3. SEO

        1. Your website is like fertile soil laden with healthy seeds, but nothing will grow if the seeds are not watered. SEO practices are the sun and water needed to blossom your website into all that it can be.
        2. Read more about SEO practices here

4. Google Analytics

          1. Plugins have been installed to track traffic and engagement across your site 
          2. Strategy and content might change overtime based on how visitors are engaging and converting through different Call to Actions we have set up. We recommend investing in monitoring and adapting to your analytics as your organization grows.

Discounts for you

    1. Receive $100 off of future services for clients you refer to Blue Fem Tech

Use your new platform to continue making waves in this world. Stay in touch for the best practices for meeting your triple bottom line. People Planet Profit.