Welcome Aboard

Thank you for choosing to work with Blue Fem Tech. We are so excited to create for you. Below are the next steps in the design process. If you have any questions before your kick-off call please reach out to abigail@bluefem.tech

1. Schedule a Time for our kick-off call

2. What to bring to the Kick Off Call Checklist

  1. Have created a Trello Account via the email invitation I have sent 
        • We take a tour of the Trello board in our Kick-Off call if you are unfamiliar 
  2. Buyer personas – Fill out these questions about your ideal clients (see form below)
        • Fill out buyer persona form here
          • Who are we talking to?
          • Who is your ideal client that is coming to your website?
          • What do you want them to do on your website (the number one action you want them to take)?
          • Be as detailed as possible (Where do they live? How much money do they make? What do they value? What do they need? What are they looking to you to solve?).
          • Submit at least one, preferably three.
  3. Branding 
        • Logo, color scheme, fonts, brand guidelines, voice – entire brand bible if you have it
        • You can upload these to Trello or have the ready for our Kick-Off call and we will upload together
  4. Current Marketing 
        • A brief overview of any marketing you currently have in place or are planning to implement
  5. Your GOALS for the website 
        • Are you looking to create brand awareness?
        • How do you want people to be able to connect with you through the website?
        • Are you capturing data like emails and phone numbers?
        • Do you need functionality like an online course, scheduling platform, data base?
        • Do you plan to scale your site – blogging, investing in SEO, expanding an online course?
  6. Know your Logins 
        • If you already have a site know how to login to host and site backend
        • Know how to login to domain registration site 

3. Create Trello Account

You will receive an invitation link to Trello 

File:Trello logo.svg - Wikipedia


4. Upload your content and copy to respective cards on Trello 

      • Images
      • Copy
      • Graphics



Best Content Practices 

  • Upload large files to dropbox or google drive than attach link in the description of the Trello card
  • Copy can be organized on google docs and link added to Trello card
    • Please do not upload microsoft documents. 
    • Make sure you add me as a user who has access to the google folders/document OR change access to “anyone with link can access”

File:Dropbox logo 2017.svg - Wikipedia                              

File:Google Drive text logo grey.png - Wikimedia Commons

Sharing logins & passwords 

  • We will do most of this analogue style in our kick off call or we will set up a plan to screen share when logins are needed
  • If we do need to share passwords or sensitive data any other time we can do so over a phone call or we can use https://onetimesecret.com/ 


  1. We are eager to help you launch your site within the timeframe we have agreed upon in the proposal. Uploading your content in a timely manner keeps the project on schedule and moving forward. Some steps cannot be completed without your content. If design has been completed and the only delay at the end of the project is client content, you will still be charged for the rest of the design. If you need help with content creation, we are here for you. We offer copywriting services, logo & graphic creation, and we can source stock images or connect you with a local photographer. This is a co creative process and we want your site to launch as soon as possible (without rushing) so you can expand your mission this world so desperately needs. 
  2. Show up for our calls and respond to our messages in a timely manner. This might seem like a no brainer, but we all get busy with life and business. If you need to delay the project or content creation, please let us know so we can adjust our production schedule. We cannot accommodate your changing needs if we do not know what’s going on. If a project is delayed 3 months past the project deadline in this proposal, a restart fee will be needed in order to move forward and finish bringing your site to life (30% of project total).